“Staffing Partners does not just send us bodies to fill our positions, they know that our time is much too valuable to be spent looking at people who do not have the skill set we require. Additionally, their professional ethics are right on.” 

Patty D, - Milwaukee Gear Company, 


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3476 S. 13th Street Milwaukee, WI 53215

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What is your fee?

Although this is the typically the first and most commonly asked question, unfortunately it is one of the most difficult ones for us to answer. We are very competitive in our industry; however, it would be irresponsible of us to quote rates until we thoroughly investigate what types of services will be required to effectively and successfully solve your staffing problems. In addition, we need to consider worker’s compensation classifications, so that our employees are protected appropriately. All of these things are discussed at length during our investigative session(s).

What makes you different from all of the other services?

We start by listening. We don’t tell you how our service works; we ask how you need it to work, listen to what you have to say and then put the pieces in place to make it happen. We know that each business and hiring situation is unique, so understanding the specific needs and overall goals of your business is key to the success of our partnership. Whatever the business opportunity, we work to increase your production levels and support your goals. We have the staffing expertise but we don’t pretend to know your challenges without hearing it from you. Our philosophy is . . . make that “extra effort” in servicing clients by building partnerships.

What is your screening process?

Let us answer your question with a question. Is the same skill level and experience required for every job at every company? The obvious answer is no. That’s why our screening process is not the same for every applicant or every client. Although there are some common aspects to our process and things we must keep consistent, ultimately a client can direct the screening process to fit their needs. This ensures the right “fit” and strengthens our labor pool for various companies and skill levels. Generally, the following screening options are available and some are a basic screening requirement. You choose and tell us how it should be done.

  • Preliminary evaluation (determining eligibility to work for Staffing Partners)
  • Application process, including background information, I-9, and other insurance related paperwork
  • Interview (general or customized to client specifications).
  • Drug Testing
  • References
  • Testing (general or customized to client specifications)

We have every applicant fill out a preliminary form to determine their eligibility to work with Staffing Partners. The questions asked consist of I9, drug testing and background information. When the applicant is approved, we will then have them fill out an application. We will interview the applicant to determine what job(s) that they would be interested in doing, go over their qualifications, as well as any gaps in their work history. We will thoroughly orient every candidate and complete any client specific testing or screening prior to assigning them to your company. Our goal is to work with every client to determine what is the best process for each situation and will customize a screening and on-boarding process to meet the needs of the individual client and situation. 

What is the benefit of the partner on premise program?

The benefits depend on the unique challenges you face.

If your supervisors are spending too much time coordinating “just in time resources” our program relieves them of that duty and our on-site representative manages the entire on-boarding process.

If you are having difficulty recruiting or find the hiring process too time consuming, our program will act as an extension of your HR department, assuming the role of hiring source, manage discipline take on the Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment risk through our Assignment to Hire Program.

By having the expertise of a staffing partner on site, you can take advantage of the extra hands for evaluating and analyzing processes related to staffing and can alleviate some of the burden associated with employing people. The advantages could be considered limitless. . . only if it is the “right” program for your needs.

What types of staffing do you provide?

Our focus is industrial: General Labor to Skilled Trades. We can provide those resources in a multitude of programs. Just in Time Resources, Assignment to Hire, Direct Here and Payrolling. Along with other solution based programs to fit your needs.

We provide just in time resources for entry-level positions including assembly and packaging to material handlers and general warehouse help. We can also assist your company to find industrial skilled positions such as machine operation and quality control to welding and maintenance positions.