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A conduit between workers and employers

Whether you are a company in need of solid employees or an individual looking for employment, Staffing Partners will be your partner in locating a match. The first step is getting in contact with us. Fill out the form, and let's get things rolling.

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A different approach to staffing!

Many staffing services take the “cookie-cutter” approach to servicing their clients. Our philosophy is that not every company or even facility within an organization is the same. We'll sit down with you and learn what it is you're seeking to accomplish. And as our relationship grows, we'll continue to listen and change where there can be an improvement.

Find work in these industries

Light Industrial

From food processing to assembly, we fill jobs related to the production of small goods or parts of bigger goods.

Skilled Labor

From office to warehouse to IT, we find positions for people with specialized training.


We place skilled construction workers to accommodate fluctuating workloads.

Services Offered

Just in Time Resources

Manage your business and meet your customer’s production orders without overstaffing. We can provide staffing resources on short notice. It’s a perfect fit for seasonal businesses or those cyclical in nature.

Assignment to Hire

Ensure employment fit and minimize risk when you pass on Unemployment Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance and payroll taxes to us during the candidate’s pre-hire period.

Direct Hire

Save money and time on recruiting by having us search, screen and present only the most qualified candidates for your approval. You can then hire workers directly to your payroll and simply pay us a finding fee.

Payroll Resources

Control your hiring process and maintain a long-term workforce while reducing the costs associated with employment and controlling your PTE count.

Why we're different

Partner on Premise

We can act as an extension of your HR department, serve as your HR department, or serve as support for your production supervisors. When we coordinate your staffing resources, you can focus on business.

Attendance Programs

Make attendance our problem. We have programs for requiring “notice” and rewards for perfect attendance that don’t cost you anything. Talk to us so we can customize a solution for you.

Automated TimeKeeping

Use in conjunction with other programs or as a stand-alone solution to simplify daily tasks. Great for labor costing, improving production capabilities and eliminating “Ghost Punching” to ensure invoices are correct.

Customized Screening

Screening needs are customized for your company’s requirements. They often include interviews, skill testing, DOT checks, drug testing, Social Security verification and reference checks.


“Staffing Partners does a wonderful job providing training to employees prior to their arrival, which allows us to function efficiently.”

Nick Wolfe | Midwest Custom Bottling

“Staffing Partners delivers on their promises! They are consistent, responsive, and provide transportation. I would be crippled without their ability to meet our ever-fluctuating needs.”

Karen Abel | Color Ink

“Staffing Partner’s focus on customer service and their ability to actually get the job done, which is to provide me with a full staff in our crazy industry, is beyond phenomenal!”

Maria Tobiasz | Boelter Brands, LLC

“I have called numerous times asking for staffing, and they have never let us down.”

Rob Tynan | OneTouchPoint

“Staffing Partners continues to provide excellent customer service and qualified candidates. As an HR manager, they have made my job easier.”

Atiya Hasan | Reliable Plating Works

“Mark is skilled at providing only people who would really thrive here, and will only send the resumes that really “fit the bill”.”

Nicki Hojnacki | Sjoberg Tool and Mfg. Corp.

“Chris and his team at Staffing Partners send us workers who are not only a great skill fit, but a great culture fit as well.”

Aaron Groth | Milwaukee Composites

“Staffing Partners has been a great source for us. Genaro is always quick with replies and always available when needed!”

MaiChoir Yang | Badger Alloys

“Staffing Partners has helped me by handling payroll needs for taxes and insurance as well as helping me find additional people when I needed them.”

Chris Richards | Advance Electrical Contractors

“We have worked with Staffing Partners for years. I can honestly say we would not be able to service our customers without their help.

Adam Wiese | A1 Creative Packaging

“Staffing Partners provided us with qualified candidates for our skilled temporary positions and helped us recruit for hard to fill permanent positions as well.”

Joe Bales | Tekra

“The Staffing Partners team is responsive and adapts quickly to our company’s dynamic needs.”

Melissa Bielinski | Kleen Test Products

“We have been working with Staffing Partners for many years and have enjoyed great service. We look to them for quality, motivated workers, and Staffing Partners delivers.”

Mike Todd | Milwaukee Lawn Sprinkler Corp

“The recruiters I worked with to fill skilled labor and management positions asked the right questions, followed up on leads and kept us updated throughout the process.”

Theresa Forbes | Warren Industries

“Mark always delivers on our staffing needs even in a pinch. Looking forward to our 2020 business relationship!”

Nikki Konrad | Nova Wildcat Shurline, LLC

“Mark makes sure I have my staffing needs met so I can run and expand our business.”

Nate Landaal | Mantz Automation

Get More Done with Our On-Site Fulfillment Capabilities

Staffing Partners has expanded our services! In addition to finding workers positions and providing staffing solutions, we now offer employers both staff and space for packaging and assembly jobs right here in our facilities.