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“Staffing Partners does not just send us bodies to fill our positions, they know that our time is much too valuable to be spent looking at people who do not have the skill set we require. Additionally, their professional ethics are right on.” 

Patty D, - Milwaukee Gear Company, 


3476 S. 13th Street Milwaukee, WI 53215


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3476 S. 13th Street Milwaukee, WI 53215

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We specialize in solving problems. . . your company’s problems to be exact. Many staffing services take the “cookie cutter” approach to servicing their clients. Our philosophy is that not every company, or even facility within an organization, is the same. Taking the same approach to servicing these different needs is not the most effective approach.

Our first step in gaining your trust and earning your business is to sit down, ask questions and listen. Many times we talk with several individuals within the company, depending on how complex the situation is, in order to thoroughly assess the needs of the organization. Once we feel we understand your challenges, we work in partnership with you to present and implement programs that will address those challenges. During the business partnership, we are conscious of the need for constant improvement, and keep the doors of communication open to ensure we adapt accordingly as your needs change.